BODIES  'N' TYPE Jeff Lowry (2012)

Jeff Lowry is an illustrator and a graduate of the University of Arizona's Visual Communications program. He created this clever "exquisite corpse" book in 2012. It was printed in an edition of 150 on archival paper using HP Indigo. It was printed by HP Indigo on archival paper at Spectrum Color in Tucson Arizona. There is a slip cover for the book made from book-binding chip board which has one of the page images adhered to it. Jeff will be moving to New York City in 2014 to go to graduate school.


Here is Jeff's statement about his book: "Bodies N’ Type is a flap book that is loosely based around the Victorian parlour game The Exquisite Corpse and originated as a project for an assignment in my Visual Narrative and the Artists Book class at The University of Arizona. The original consisted of only 9 characters, but when given the chance to publish it I expanded it to 16 characters and 16 hand lettered phrases. The characters are on the right page and the related phrases are on the left. With a few flips of some flaps you can combine different parts to make new silly characters and phrases. This book was too much fun to work on, I found it hard at times to work on the illustrations because I would be laughing so much."


The book is wire-o-bound in an edition of 150. It was very labor intensive to put together and bind. Dimensions are 10" x 8.625" x .5". Each copy is numbered and signed by Jeff. $50. plus shipping and applicable tax.









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